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An evening with Davina McCall

An evening with Davina McCall


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Davina McCall MBE has been an icon of television for 30 years.

The host of Big Brother for over a decade, her talents as a presenter, fitness guru, health campaigner and author have made Davina one of the UK's most loved personalities. 

However, behind her charismatic and energising personality – and trademark smile – lies a story of triumph over adversity.

From a heartbreaking childhood that saw her take drugs with her mother, and her own battle with drug addiction, to hosting one of the biggest shows in the world, she’s come a long way.

Not only is Davina a national treasure, she has also become one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on women’s health, passionately fighting to raise awareness of the menopause.

Join us for what will be a fascinating night exploring the life and career of one of television’s most endearing characters – and learn what it takes to build the resilience required to overcome adversity over and over again.


About Davina McCall

Best known as the original host of Big Brother UK, Davina has a long-standing reputation as the first lady of reality television.

McCall began work as a television presenter in 1992 on music channel MTV however it wasn’t until she acted as the main host and TV presenter for Big Brother that she became truly recognisable; now a bonafide British celebrity Davina is known by many by her first name alone.

Alongside her work as a TV presenter Davina has been heavily involved in raising funds for charity, particularly with the BBC Sport Relief and Comic Relief annual charity events and telethons where she has either taken part or acted as a TV host, presenting to millions of viewers. 

She is also passionate about increasing awareness on the menopause and has released a Sunday Times bestselling book on the subject, ‘Menopausing’, in addition to a hit Channel 4 documentary.

As well as her work as a broadcaster, she is the face of cosmetic’s brand Garnier in the UK.